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Beautifully Breaking 

Julian Cooper came into Sarah Cook’s life when complications in her career and relationship chased her down a dark path. She forgot Julian’s strawberry tainted kisses and buried his memories in silk and taffeta.
Her career is growing in leaps and bounds, but the cracks that follow her from her strained childhood still rip open too easily. Bad Girl still has too much influence, and old images blur like a film, echoing over her life. She doesn’t want to recall everything so clearly, yet she can’t escape how it influenced her. Her eccentric Mother, and best friend Belle, both make drastic decisions at Sarah’s expense.
After a slow honeymoon, her love life has fallen aside, and ardent anguish claims her for a second time. Julian sears back into her world, pooling hotly through her days, and now she must decide–flee or become free. In the house where Sarah shared many memories, she’s about to find out, no matter how broken you think you are, you can always fall further.
Not knowing why stings like icy wind against her hurt.

Coming 2021
Big Dreams in a Small Town
A guide to making it big as a career author in the twentieth century.
Copyright 2020 E.R. Stowell
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